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Top 5 Brands for a #MadeInYVR Summer

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Summer is basically the best part about living in Vancouver. The people are friendlier, the air smells sweeter, the beaches are sunny and the water is... well, the water is still honestly kind of cold, but we’re still going swimming any chance we get.

Given summer around these parts is short, but oh-so-sweet, you might think it’d be tough to shop local and still live your best summer life, but fear not, we’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 brands for a #MadeInYVR summer.

1) @_Lezher_

Literally nothing beats spending the day kicking back on the beach, sipping a cold beverage and feeling the sand in your toes. But what if you wanted back support, and maybe not to get sand in your crack? Well, let us introduce you to Lezher, makers of some of some seriously rad locally made beach backrests. They’re foldable, have super funky prints and would make any beach day better.

Shop Lezher’s beach backrests here.
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2) @bali_whispers

Whether you’re kicking back on the beach, or dancing under the stars at one of BC’s many awesome summer music festivals, you’re going to want to look your best, and @BaliWhispers, one of Vancouver’s raddest fashion designers, has totally got you covered. A super rad lady with some crazy good style herself, she makes some seriously unique and funky crocheted bathing suits and festival wear, so hit her up on IG for a custom order and be the belle or beau of the beach this summer.

Follow BaliWhispers on IG here.

3) @OddSocietySpirits

Some may say summer is the season of beer, and while we don’t necessarily disagree, personally, we’re much more about the classy summer cocktail. Nothing beats a good Gin Fizz or a Moscow Mule, and Odd Societies’ Wallflower Gin and East Van Vodka are the perfect starting points for your next classy summer cocktail party. Plus their tasting lounge at 1725 Powell is pretty much one of the coolest spots in the city, where you can see their spirits being crafted and taste their ever expanding lineup of spirits and cocktails.

Learn more about Odd Society Spirits here.
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4) @Droplet_Trailer

One of the best parts about living in Vancouver in the summertime, isn’t actually the city, but rather all of the amazing places in nature we’re surrounded by, and so it's no wonder camping is somewhat of an obsession for a lot of Vancouverites. Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve pitched a tent plenty of times, but we gotta admit, we’d absolutely love nothing more than kicking back in style and comfort in one of the incredibly rad tiny trailers from @Droplet_Trailer. They’re small enough to be towed by almost any vehicle, yet very cleverly designed so as to be able to fit a queen sized bed and a sheltered kitchen. Plus they’ve got huge windows for a trailer, perfect for taking in the views at your next camp site. They’ve even got a rental option for us locals so you can try before you buy on your next trip.

Check out Droplet’s amazing tiny trailers here.
Follow @Droplet_Trailer on IG here.

5) @EarnestIceCream

Summer just isn’t summer without ice cream. A double scoop waffle cone on a warm summer’s evening walk around the seawall sounds about as good as life gets if you ask us. Now if you’re talking ice cream, and you’re talking Vancouver, Earnest Ice Cream are pretty much the entire conversation. They’ve grown from small-batch farmer’s market darling’s to a Vancouver institution with multiple retail locations around the city and being sold in grocery stores across the lower mainland. They’re constantly developing new and amazing flavors, though their cookies and cream is always going to be our favorite.

Find out where to get a scoop of Earnest Ice Cream here.
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