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Top 5 #MadeInYVR Gifts For Foodies

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Food is like the cheat code of holiday gifts, as everyone eats and we all appreciate getting special treats we might not normally get for ourselves. You basically can’t lose with food and you really can’t lose when your delicious gifts just so happen to be #MadeInYVR. So here’s our list of the top 5 best #MadeInYVR gifts for foodies in no particular order.

1) Lemon Squares

These little squares are like biting into sunshine. Handmade in their workshop in Yaletown, they have this amazing citrus meets coconut flavour and a delightfully firm yet chewy texture, and as an added bonus, they come wrapped in super cute paper wrappers. A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys curling up on a rainy day with book and cup of tea.
Get your Lemon Squares here.

2) Kasama Chocolate

Kasama is one of the most interesting local chocolatiers with their “Bean-to-bar” approach and unique, interesting flavors. We’re a big fan of their sweet yet spicy “Infierno” bar made with Oaxacan chillies, cinnamon bark, sapote seed, and, of course, cacao beans, but they also offer a range of other flavours and some amazing single origin bars. Plus all their bars are made in their East Van Workshop. The don’t yet offer online shopping, but check them out their schedule of upcoming market appearances, where you might even find some other great locally made gifts.
Kasama Chocolate Market Schedule

3) Drunken Chocolatier

We really love chocolate, so we have no qualms having two chocolate makers on our list, as we reckon we can’t be alone in our level of appreciation for one of nature’s greatest gifts. Drunken Chocolatier’s chocolates make especially good gifts as they makes some of the most delicious and visually appealing chocolate we’ve ever seen with their amazing colours and unique decorative flourishes. We’re big fans of their Earl Grey milk chocolate truffles, though they have an assortment of other mouth watering flavours on offer to tantalize even the most difficult to shop for taste buds.
Order online from Drunken Chocolatier

4) Koji Salt

Koji Salt is one of those things you probably didn’t even know existed, but once you taste you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Koji Salt, made from Koji Rice, is a unique “Wet salt” that is a flavour enhancer that will impart a sweet, salty, savory, umami taste to any dish you make with it and best of all you’ll use 75% less sodium, which is definitely a good thing.
Get your Koji Salt here.

5) San Angel Pickled Jalapenos

Another thing we absolutely love is spice, and really anything related to Mexican or Latin American cuisine. San Angel Foods makes this amazing preserve of jalapeño, carrots and onions pickled in a base of vinegar and spices that’s an awesome accoutrement for tacos, salads, sandwiches, or whatever else you want to kick up a notch flavour wise. They don’t sell online yet, but head over to one of their local retailers to grab a jar or two and support your local retail economy.
Find San Angel Pickled Jalapenos here.

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