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Top 5 #MadeInYVR Gifts For Pet Lovers

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1) Creating Brighter Days

As the benefits of CBDs for human consumption are becoming more recognized, it should come as no surprise the creative team behind Creating Brighter Days has created a CBD based supplement for pets. Their unique formulas are based around the healing and restorative benefits of CBDs, but also include a blend of superfoods, making them an ideal gift for the pet health conscious person on your list.
Shop Creating Brighter Days CBD based pet supplements here.


2) Kuvfur

What’s cuter than onesies for dogs? Nothing. Nothing is cuter and Kuvfur just so happens to make dog onesies right here in Vancouver. They look adorable, have options for breeds of all sizes, and will keep any pup snug and warm, so they’ll make a perfect gift for the dog lover on your shopping list.
Shop Kuvfur’s adorable dog onesies here.


3) Sharper Barker

Some dogs just gotta stay on top of the latest trends, and the Sharper Barker makes some of the most stylish #MadeInYVR dog clothes around. We especially love their super cute “Rain-hoody” but any of their line of comfy and fashionable dog clothes are the perfect gift for the style conscious dog lover on your shopping list. Shop here.


4) Howl And Home

Howl and Home’s stylish, minimal dog bowl’s are the perfect gift for the person on your list who’s both a pet lover and into home decor. Their products are all made to order in their East Van shop and use 100% non-toxic materials, so they’re both fabulous and safe for four legged friends.
Shop Howl and Home’s stylish, minimalist dog bowls here.


5) Granville Island Pet Treatery

We all know that look a pet gives you when they want a treat. It melts your heart and is ridiculously hard to say no to. When you do give in though, treats should be healthy and nutritious and Granville Island Pet Treatery makes an assortment of #MadeInYVR pet treats for both dogs and cats that perfectly fit the bill. With a range of treats and supplements there’s sure to be something for the pet lover on your list.
Shop The Granville Island Pet Treatery here.

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