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Top 5 #MadeInYVR Gifts For The Body

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1) Schmear Naturals

Sometimes you just want to put on a nice facemask and relax in a hot bubble bath. Schmear Natural’s line of 100% natural and #MadeInYVR body products include some fantastic sounding face masks like their Hibiscus + Pomegranate Antioxidant masks and would make the perfect gift for the person on your list who needs a little “me time”.
Shop Schmear Naturals body products here.


2) Somerset Moss

Botanicals are the real deal. Harnessing the power of plants Somerset Moss offers a range of #MadeInYVR healing and restorative botanical based products like facial oil, facial mist and balm. They also offer some fantastic gift packs that would make the perfect gift for the person on your shopping list who’s into plant-based skincare.
Shop Somerset Moss’s line of botanical skincare here.


3) Nika Care

More and more people are looking to reduce their exposure to chemical based skincare products, and Nika Care’s organic plant based body cream, featuring beeswax, coconut oil, frankincense oil and myrrh oil are the perfect choice for anyone on your shopping list who’s looking to take a more natural approach to their body care.
Shop Nika Care’s natural body care products here.


4) Midnight Paloma

Midnight Paloma makes handmade #MadeInYVR natural body care products based on the detoxifying power of charcoal. Plus they offer some super charming holiday gift packs that come in super cute mason jars, like their detoxifying fizzy bath with charcoal and grapefruit.
Shop Midnight Paloma’s detoxifying body products here.


5) Plenty + Spare

Plenty + Spare is an “East Van Apothecary” focused on making natural soaps like their fantastic smelling soap bars featuring activated bamboo charcoal and their lavender and spearmint castile body soap. Plus they have a delightful shop on East Hastings that smells amazing. You can shop their collection online, but we definitely recommend visiting them in person.
Shop Plent + Spare’s Natural Soaps here.


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