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Top 5 #MadeInYVR Gifts For The Home

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1) East Van Light

East Van Light is absolutely one of our favorite #MadeInYVR businesses. Their funky wood and vintage bulb lights are super rad, and they often use recycled materials in their construction. Most importantly their founder Dan is a super rad dude, and the kind of person you feel really good about supporting, especially around the holiday season. Their lights are made in East Van and would literally make any space better. Plus they’ve been adding a bunch of great new styles to their line recently meaning they’ve got something for pretty much any taste or space.
Shop East Van Light right here on MadeInYVR.


2) Mind The Minimal

Plants make a house a home, and Mind the Minimals funky concrete #MadeInYVR planters can make any home more stylish. Their line of handcrafted geometric home goods also includes, coasters and candles, and would make a perfect gift for the decor enthusiasts on your shopping list. Best of all you can shop for Mind The Minimal right on the MadeInYVR marketplace.
Shop Mind The Minimal on the MadeInYVR Marketplace here.


3) Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton

Marpyhl is another one of those amazing #MadeInYVR brand’s that straddles a couple of categories on our holiday shopping list, with their phytoplankton based sea-salts and supplements but given the planters on our list, its their Phytoplankton based soil-enhancer that’s really striking our fancy. Best of all you can shop Marphyl right on the MadeInYVR marketplace.
Shop Maryphl On The MadeInYVR Marketplace.


4) Killwood

Killwood is one of those rad companies that makes the best out of bad situation. Their unique, modern and minimalist homegoods are all made from pine beetle killwood, meaning not only are you supporting a local company, but also one that takes material that would otherwise be waste and turns it into something amazing. We especially like their Bika wall mounted bike, which would make a great gift for those on your list that are both outdoors and home decor enthusiasts.
Shop Killawood’s upcycled products here.


5) Vancouver Hairpin Legs

The last item on our list is the perfect #MadeInYVR gift for the DIY lover on your shopping list. Vancouver Hairpin Legs makes the perfect legs to turn any live-edge or reclaimed piece of wood into a stunning, unique coffee table, desk or whatever else you can dream up. Made in their East Van production space, they’ve expanded their range to include not just hairpin legs but trapezoidal, post and console style legs, so they’ll have the perfect fit for any DIY project the maker on your list is dreaming of.
Shop Vancouver Hairpin Legs here.


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