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Hot Sauce bundle
Hot Sauce bundle

The True Nosh Company

Hot Sauce bundle


This delicious range of hot sauces has something for everyone.

Our milder first base hot sauce has a vibrant green colour from cilantro and limes and has a little kick from the jalapeno but perfect for the guacamole lovers!

Our Second Base hot sauce is made with pineapples, habanero and pairs well with eggs, sandwiches or mixed with apple cider vinegar for a salad dressing!

The Third Base Hot sauce is made with Thai Chilis, Tomatoes and goes with tofu scrambles, as a sandwich spread or mix it with some mustard for a spicy mustard!

Our Home Run is the spiciest hot sauce that we have to offer! Made out of cherries, red bell pepper and the terrifying ghost pepper, it goes perfect on sunny side up eggs and to spice up your tortilla wraps and sandwiches!

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