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About Us

We’re two dudes who love Vancouver. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Sure Vancouver has beaches and mountains, but we’ve long felt this city doesn’t get the credit its due as a city of dreamers, makers and entrepreneurs. We wanted to share the stories of the people making products right here in Vancouver and help them sell their products, grow their businesses, and prosper.

Our vision for MadeInYVR is to publish new editions of the magazine every 2-3 months to tell the stories of the products we feature. Down the road we hope to be able to start publishing monthly, and build a marketplace that will become a one stop shop for products made in Vancouver.


Nic Smith

Nic is a Shopify developer and project manager who’s worked on sites for local companies like Baro Drywear and the Basscoast Project. When not building websites or working on MadeInYVR, Nic spends his time surfing, taking pictures and being a loyal supporter of Vancouver craft breweries.

Ryan Whyte

MadeInYVR is Ryan’s second venture, having formerly been a founder and managing partner of Vancouver based marketing agency JunctionYVR. When not working on MadeInYVR, Ryan manages a digital marketing team for a Vancouver based post-secondary institution. Outside of work, Ryan makes mediocre house music, weird art with lasers and loves nature and cycling.

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