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Winter Cedar Branch earrings


Winter Cedar Branch earrings


Cedar branches cast from nature. Each one is individual; no two are the same just as in nature.

Materials: sterling silver Dimensions:approximately 4cm (1.5”) long from earhole, 1cm (.5”) wide


On the Compass the Cedar sit at the direction of: Below
Cedar Wisdom offers to you: ~ Tree of Life ~
Clearing + Cleansing Protection Strength Purifying Loving Watching Over Humanity

Cedar whispers: As a Tree of Life we show you the Circle of Life.

It’s good for humans to find their connection to nature so that they can get to know themselves better and be better for the planet, for themselves, and each other.

The cedar gives much to humans: It’s purifying scent. This essence keeps the tree pure and the wood you build with clean. No wonder people like to make sauna with cedar- it’s cleansing.
Their branches can be woven and the spring in them shows the flexibility we need in life. Cedar is a lightweight wood which lasts, showing you the lightness needed to live a long life.
Cedar bark is beautiful + distinguished. Cedar bark has been stripped for weaving and traditional craft. The shapes of the tree influences North West Native Art.

Hummingbirds often visit Cedar, and reminds humans of their purity, love + divinity.

Cedar is a TREE OF LIFE.

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